Take the Most Popular Music Format in the Country. Add Commitment to the Local Economy and Involvement in the Community. And You Get Lamoille County's Most Listened-To Radio Station.

Continuity. Experience. Service to the community.
A lot of radio stations will tell you they are the local station. But let's be honest. You can't be an out-of-state owner, helicopter in now and then, and really understand Vermont communities.
WLVB 93.9 is different.
The members of the WLVB staff are all members of the community. We live here. We work here. We play here. And in over sixteen years of service to north central Vermont, WLVB has become a part of the fabric of the community. Roland LaJoie and Craig Ladd were the morning and mid-day hosts when WLVB signed on in August, 1993. They still are!
WLVB's sales staff has two twenty year veterans.
David Rowell and Mark Struhsacker have anchored the sales staff since the first day WLVB signed on. Backed by the resources of Radio Vermont, they have provided superb service, created successful advertising campaigns, and built trust and confidence with businesses throughout Lamoille, Caledonia and Orleans counties.
What really sets WLVB apart is service to the community.
If you've lost your dog or need to find out about school closings or want information on an accident affecting traffic, you tune to WLVB. Because you know that WLVB will get that information on the air immediately. Upcoming town events, high school play-by-play sports, Red Sox baseball, stock car racing, urgent fundraisers are all a part of WLVB's regular programming.
Some people call this kind of radio old-fashioned.
Well, if caring about the community is old-fashioned, then we're proud to accept that description. After all, if you only want to listen to music, there are plenty of CD and MP3 players out there. If you want to know what's happening in the community, there's only one WLVB.

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