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Tom McLeod

Tom McLeod has been working in radio since the age of 15. Having worked a variety of music formats over the years, Tom has been immersed in the country music scene for the last 20 years. With an appreciation for new country music, Tom really enjoys the classics, bluegrass and Green Mountain artists. A native Vermonter, Tom enjoys serving the Vermont Country community with music and information. When not on air, you can find Tom busy with outdoor activities, reading up on nautical history and spending time with his family's Scottish Terrier, Nessie.


Corm, not Corm Jr, just a Corm has been in the radio world his whole life, but finally got his own show at college in 2018 at NVU Lyndon on WWLR 91.5 The Impulse. After rebuilding the college radio station, he knew that the thing he was running away from his whole life was his dream job and he couldn't hind from it anymore. Radio was in his blood, and he knew it. When Corm's not on the air from 2 to 6 for your Afternoon Drive, he's an avid baseball fan who yes, loves the Red Sox, but also loves those Dodgers out west. He enjoys listen to old country, bluegrass, jazz, the blues, polka, and shocker.... Classic Rock since you know, he was raised on it. Corm also loves to play golf with his father, (Corm Sr.) almost every weekend. He also loves learning about history as much as he can when he's not on the air.


Steve Cormier

General Manager

Email: scormier@radiovermont.com